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Within our pure poultry family we have over 50 years experience of breeding and keeping all manner of pure and rare breed poultry and waterfowl in a free range environment.

"The sense of awe and serenity of kicking back and watching your flock wander around your garden on a Sunday afternoon never leaves you. The wonderful eccentricities of chickens and ducks going about their daily business is one of the most hypnotic activities you will ever experience."

Our principles:

We are great advocates of perpetuating all pure and rare breeds to increase numbers of these birds to more sustainable levels for future generations. The welfare of our birds is paramount. All birds are kept in a free range environment, additionally we operate a full vaccination programme, this being fully completed at 12 weeks of age.

Our commitment to you:

It is vital that you see and experience for yourselves where and how the birds are kept, helping you to understand the merits of free range breeding and rearing. We will brief you on all aspects of relevant husbandry prior to departing with your birds. You are able to choose your birds at leisure with help and advice at all stages, which does not stop at the farm gate.

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